7 International Business Careers That Are in High Demand

7 International Business Careers That Are in High Demand
7 International Business Careers That Are in High Demand
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An international career is sort after for a lot of individuals, but some people want to ensure that they are getting into a career that are in high demand, so they never need to worry about attaining work. So here are 7 international business career that are currently in high demand.

Policy Analyst

This career studies complex problems and recommend solutions for a varied range of political issues. Some areas that are covered are homeland security, healthcare and environmental policy.

This is known for being a very good international career because of its relations to international trade, global business policies, national defence and foreign law.

Policy analysts must be able to have a strong background in writing, public speaking and interpersonal skills. They can get work in governmental agencies, multinational corporations, publish articles, and give presentations to government officials and business executives.

Marketing Manager

This type of industry can be done anywhere in the world and it is becoming a big trend online for people who wish to work from home, or travel whilst working as you can do it freely depending on the industry you work within.

Marketing managers must have a strong creative mind and also concentrate business skills to be able to give value to the people that they work for.

This career can also be self-employed, you don’t technically need to be employed by a company like Facebook in order to achieve success in this role.

International marketing managers are in control of increasing the global sales of a company which is always going to be a job that is in high demand. A way to get into this role is to find companies that need a skill you have and learn from them in areas you lack.

Financial Analyst

In this career they analyse report, guide investment activities and also develop strategic planning to support long term financial goals for a company. Strong communicational skills are needed within this role as understanding and communicating financial work is not easy.

They need to focus on patterns affecting whatever industry that they are in, the geographical area or a particular product. Getting into this role is harder than some of the ones that have been stated beforehand, as you do need some sort of financial or mathematical experience and education.

HR Manager

This role requires the individual to be able to recruit and hire employees mainly, but also look after those people within the organisation and discuss organisational objectives with executives.

International HR managers are a little different as they need to be more robust in their role, as the requirements are higher. They need to be able to manager workforce diversity, legal restrictions and the relationship between training and professional development on a global scale instead of national.

This role is harder to get into, but it does have a high demand, so experience in a general HR role would be beneficial for anyone wanting to move into that space.


Economists study the production and circulation of resources, goods, and services by analysing data, developing theories, and evaluating economic issues. They work in a variety of fields, including education, development, and healthcare.

The difference with the international status that comes with this role is being able to analyse global issues, like consumer demand internationally and how the company can use that to their advantage to generate more profits for the company.

This is not an easy role to get into, but it is one that has large outcomes and can provide a great career.


This career choice requires individuals to plan organisational strategies that align with the company’s mission whilst also managing the employees and resources that company has. International executives oversee the company’s goals, procedures and policies, and the larger the company that you are working for means the more varied responsibilities you may have.

To get into this sort of role you need strong communication, decision making, management and problem-solving skills. These individuals are usually incredible multitaskers as they will manage a variety of projects at one time.

Management Analyst

Another word for this career is a consultant, as they will create new ways of improving a business and their efficiency. The advise upper management on how to enhance the running of the business to get better ROI.

In particular, global analysts help companies find solutions to problems regarding foreign markets. They will work on specific projects on a global scale, including management, market research, corporate strategy, finance, and information technology.

A background in this field is required to move into the role, and a good piece of advice is to look into a national role before heading into an international position to gain experience with smaller companies.

Overall, these are the international careers which are in high demand. I really think that you should do proper research and then decide which one of these suits you well.

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