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How to Write a Good Marketing Letter for your Small Business?

How to write a good marketing letter for your small business?
How to write a good marketing letter for your small business?
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Marketing letters can play a significant role in your marketing strategy when send along with the brochures of your business. As a business owner you should aim to write a enticing marketing letter so that your customers don’t hesitate to contact you about your products and services. Following are few simple tips that our experts think every business owner should follow while writing a marketing letter:

  • Keep it to the Point

You need to make sure that your letter is to the point. You don’t need to write long stories to create an impact your audience. Just keep it simple and brief. Introduce your self and your business in few sentences. Then introduce your services along with prices that you offer. In the end ask them to contact you if they have any questions and mention your contact details.

  • Make headings

To grab attention of the reader, it is imperative that you make headings of the point that you are going to discuss. For example you can make heading of:

Our Story: use this heading to introduce the business and yourself

Our Service: Use this section to briefly describe your services or products. You must mention estimated price in this section.

Why Us? This is the important section where you should impress your audience and prove to them why you are different as compared to your clients and why they should choose you?

  • Use short and simple sentences

Writing marketing material in English does not mean that you have to use complicated English language. Sometimes you don’t know who is reading your letters and whether they are able to understand complicated sentences or not. So, to ensure that everyone who is receiving your letters can read and understand them, you must use simple sentences.

  • Use Simple Vocabulary

Same goes for the use of English Vocabulary. To ensure that your target audience is able to understand what you are trying to say, you must use simple vocabulary. Using difficult words will not impress your clients. Instead it will make it hard for some of them to understand what you want to tell them.

  • Explain your services in few words

As a business owners, we all know that we can go on and on about our services and products to impress and attract our clients. But when it comes to writing a marketing letter, you should follow a principal: Less is more. Use as few sentences as possible to introduce your services.

  • Price of your Services

Mentioning an estimated price of your services is extremely important. You don’t want your customer to work hard and find out the price of your services or products by contacting you. Don’t ask them to contact you or to go to your website to find the estimated cost. It is bothersome and most of the clients will not follow your instructions. So, You must at least mention the estimated prices in the letter.

  • Delivery Time

The client wants to know how long will it take for you to deliver a particular service. Therefore, make sure to include that with every service you mention in the letter.

  • Contact Details

Make sure to mention your contact details in the end. Also, mention a discount if they contact you and place an order with in a week. It will encourage them to talk to you and you will have a chance to convince them about hiring you.

  • Website

Every business must own a website, therefore, you must mention your website. Make are that the content in the letter is not the same as the website. The clients do not want to read the same script on your website as your letter.

  • Social Networks

You must have social networks and maintain them regularly. Make sure to mention them in the letter. Also politely ask the clients to follow your social networks in the letter.

Thats it for today. I hope that you liked these basic tips to write a good marketing letter. Kindly share it with your friends and family. Also, don’t forget to check out our new business venture!

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