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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Santa Gift
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Christmas certainly brings happiness all over the world. People love to spend this festivity in full bloom. Secret Santa gifts for friends and co-workers bring them closer to you. No doubt it is a difficult job to select the best gift for co-workers which shows appreciation for their hard work. Of course, you would like to get an affordable Santa Gift for them. Here we will share a few affordable gift ideas for co-workers. 

  • First of all, we will discuss about the perfect present for your boss;
  • Difficult to find an appropriate gift for the boss because it shouldn’t be overly expensive.
  • Try to find about the boss’s hobbies or interests.
  • A wide selection of gifts that won’t break the bank.

Don’t want to spend too much but want to get something meaningful, not too personal but to keep professionalism between you and boss. Try to get Sweet treat tower ($29.99) from Harry & David. It has a variety of snacks e.g. moose munch popcorn yogurt-covered pretzels, cookies, and chocolates. Add a bottle of wine to this package. A personalized notepad set will also be the perfect gift for the boss. Add a monogram or name tag to give it a personal touch. Boss will like it and it will be an easy place to jot down reminders and notes. 

Portable cell phone battery power bank which is compatible with any device. Your boss will like to have such gifts. If your boss loves coffee then you can gift a card to their favorite coffee shop.

Whether it’s Starbucks or any other local café, the boss is going to appreciate that you noticed their favorite place. You must know about stress relief candles, it is a gift of relaxation. A happy and stress-free boss will create a friendly environment in an office. You can also put some desk plants in the office for fresh air. Make a special place for succulent plants that are easy to take care of. It will make an eco-friendly office and the mood of a boss will be better. Boss will have a good mood during the meetings. The sunrise alarm clock will make your boss’s mornings easier. It will slowly brighten the room 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. These lamps will improve sleep patterns and energy levels. 

It is challenging to find the perfect gift whether you are participating in a secret gift exchange or stocking stuffers. Here are a few ideas that will help you;

Fun Socks: Fun socks were created after the request of many homeless people. Many companies donate one pair of socks per sale. You can also choose to buy more pairs of socks so that additional socks to be donated. If you like whimsical socks then go to Sky Footwear to select from.

Wireless charger: You can give a wireless charger to your desk mate. It will help him to charge his mobile and he will be able to declutter his tasks. a wireless charger is compatible with Android and iPhone and can be used in landscape and portrait mode. 

Candle:  Scented candles are very famous. Everybody loves to have one, especially on the cold winter nights. The WoodWick candle is a popular company because these candle makes a cracking sound as if you are sitting next to the fire. You can choose candles with fragrances like fireside, redwood, spice, and sand. 

Productivity planner: This is the best gift for a co-worker. It will help them to stay organized. Everybody wants to get organized and this planner will help them a lot. 

Tea: Many people like to take tea during office hours. It is also recommended as a secret Santa gift. You can get tea in many flavors e.g. breakfast blend, aged Earl Grey, emperor’s Puerh, jasmine green, Moroccan mint and lemon etc.

Bucket list for adventures: You can get a booklet for adventure ideas. If your co-worker is dreaming of a trip then this booklet will give many ideas about far-away places.
Succulent plants: Another affordable gift can be succulent plants. These plants look nice and improve concentration and boost mood.

Funny mug: Mornings are sometimes hard. To start your day by taking tea in your favorite mug will put a smile on your face. Any coffee or tea drinker will love this gift.

Ninja star magnets: These magnets come in a pack of five and can hold up memos and reminders of important meetups. 

Chocolate package: Mostly girls love to get this gift. If your co-worker is a lady then go get this gift. “Holiday Goldmark Assorted Chocolate Gift Box” is very famous because of a variety of flavors, dark chocolate coconut, milk chocolate almond caramel, chocolate raspberry velvet and hazelnut heaven etc. 

Office Emergency Kit: This kit carries pain relievers, hairspray, nail polish, sewing kit and lip balm etc. Due to a lot of workload, many workers suffer from headaches, chipped nails and other little emergencies. There are male kits available in the market as well. 

USB mug warmer: This is going to be a great gift because anyone who is a coffee lover, tea or cocoa will appreciate it. The USB heater is 17 watts, 0.6 pounds. Perfect for home or office. 

Amazon gift card: As you know online shopping has become so popular in 2020. When you don’t know what to gift then go for a secret Santa Gift card. Amazon gift card is not personalized anyone would love to get it. 

When you buy a gift for someone special then you must go for romantic ideas i.e. chocolates, candles with fragrances, perfumes and much more. Here we discussed few ideas but the best one depends on the person you are shopping for. 
Due to Covid-19, many companies are working from home. It does not mean that you won’t be able to celebrate this festive season. Virtual office celebrations are doable. Participants can mail their presents to each other and open them on a group call. Have fun!

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