COVID-19 And Businesses: Best productivity apps for Entrepreneurs

Productivity Apps
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You can stay organized and focused on using the best productivity apps. There are a lot of productivity apps available for small businesses. People cannot get an in-house job at any place due to Covid-19 but small business apps are helpful for them.

This pandemic has changed the ways of every business. Since March, office work being done at homes remotely. People have experienced how to work remotely. It has also increased individual productivity. 

Millions of workers are completing tasks from home in less time than usual. Most people are taking more cases and completing them in a short time. 

  • Productivity apps for small businesses can help you;  
  • To stay organized
  • Stay focused on the tasks at hand
  • Time management
  • Help to boost collaboration
  • Best for entrepreneurs

When you start a new business online, to stay focused and sane is challenging sometimes. For this purpose, you need a productivity app to create a place where you can get things done. This program will manage all your work and you will get enough time to focus on growing business and satisfying your customers. 

To select the best app for business is not an easy task. You need to get these basic rules; Tools, time management services, scheduling, and staying connected. Mobile apps are beneficial for the modern workforce. Here we are going to discuss a few apps that are helpful for the management of small businesses.

Here are few project management apps;

Asana: It is a management tool and productivity app which helps the team to stay focused on goals and projects. It is also a goal-setter with a deadline schedule. This app can create different boards to shift the tasks of the teams. Asana app will project the timeline of your work and visualize the project so that you can see the progress of your work. It is helpful for small business owners and also provides a free version with limited features for those who want to try its features. It can manage the project, set goals, and task management.

Basecamp: Another beneficial app for small businesses is Basecamp. It has project features and has sections to manage the process, a to-do list, a message board, save files, and a chat room for team communication. This app is expensive because of its quality work. No doubt it is the best app and available for $99 per month. The best key features are project management and communication.  This app focuses on tasks and creating a central point of communication. It helps you to store documentation and information related to projects. It offers different plans for businesses. Key features are project management and communication. The basic version is available for $8/ seat per month (minimum 3 seats). 

Trello: It is a good app for process-based projects. It mostly divides work into steps and easy to use. Set priorities on tasks and assign each task to a group. Its key features are project management and the kanban process. Trello’s basic version is free, the business class price is $9.99/ per month.

Note-taking app: Note-taking app is very helpful for business owners who need to compile work in just one place. If you copy any quote from an online site then Note taking app will save the URL of this site so that you can use it in the future. It is a free app. 

Focus@will: This app builds to personalize data according to your needs. It gives ideas to think about, how to approach problems. Ideal services for workers who work in public. Focus@will is not free, it’s annual charges are $52.49 / per year. 

Tide: This app uses sounds to keep you focused and alert. It has soothing sounds e.g. raindrops, natural sounds, and birds chirping, etc. It helps you tackle all problems calmly. It is free to download in Androids and iOS. Its key features are the Focusing sound app and the Pomodoro technique.

Todoist: Best time management app for mobile users. You can use it for personal items that need to be done. Todoist business is useful for teams and it will help you to assign tasks to co-workers. Its visual tools help you see the progress of your work. Its key features are Time management and project management. Free for starters but the premium is $3 / per month. 
IFTTT: This automation and the integrated app is used to connect programs so that all devices can be synced. It can save any email to Google and drive and it will also log every detail of a call that you make, on a Google spreadsheet. The standard version of this app is free.

Zapier: It is an online service that will connect apps for your business. Just like IFTTT it mainly focuses on online business applications. Its main features are automation and app cross-compatibility. The basic version of this app is free.
Slack: Slack is the most productive app for small and medium businesses. The slack app is used for communication for professionals. The basic version of this app is free. 

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