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Impact of Corona Virus on Business

Best Marketing Tips for Small Businesses during Covid-19!
Best Marketing Tips for Small Businesses during Covid-19!
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More than 3 million people have been infected by Corona virus and 200,000 deaths all over the globe. It is said that everyone will catch this virus eventually once in a lifetime. Nowadays large wave of corona virus is emerged throughout the world and the only solution is lockdown.

Lockdown has a significant impact on large and small businesses alike.

This deadly virus will have a huge impact on businesses and industries. Multinational export and import services have been disrupted, it has impaired business operations. It has almost paralyzed the businesses. A survey was conducted on 500 customers and we found following points;

  • Customers are not shopping because of lockdown
  • Decline in makeup business
  • Focus on multivitamins
  • Skincare routine is growing
  • DIY and crafting at home
  • More laundry than usual.

According to survey people are not going outside for shopping or supermarket etc. Lockdown is implemented all over the world and citizens are only allowed to go out when it is emergency or needed the most. People are buying only limited groceries. Brands are offing online services to overcome the loss of the company. Brands are delivering safe and contactless deliveries. Consumers are not buying makeup rather they are happy with self-care routine. As people are spending more time at home and to get busy with their families they are doing DIY and crafting with kids.

Companies can create contents which is needed in DIY to earn. They should offer guides, tips, video tutorials to consumers so that they can follow the idea and learn how to do DIY. Business owners should launch free product samples so that people can check the quality and buy the product.

We are worried how the Corona virus pandemic is growing day by day and the impact is higher than we expected. Many countries are facing extreme issues of businesses. The outbreak of the novel corona virus has brought small businesses to a sudden halt. The current situation in UK is still critical. It is difficult to estimate the loss of businesses in the long term. Covid 19 has huge impact on every sector. The market has suffered a lot and that will be hard to reverse. We even cannot predict the long term losses. Multiple measures are needed to turn the tide.

Here are few points which have been noted on business due to this pandemic;

1: Effect of Corona Virus on housing and commercial market:

  • Supply of construction materials have been delayed
  • No more work force needed because of lockdown
  • People are working from home and there is no more property work.
  • Closure of malls effected many people
  • Prices are increasing

2. Impact on property dealers:

  • People are not willing to buy properties
  • Many have postponed their property purchase decisions.
  • People are not sure of their jobs whether they are going to continue it or not.
  • Delay in supply of materials and equipment’s from China

Lockdown has impaired most business operations. Businesses are badly effected during this pandemic but few of them are trying to start their businesses again with proper SOPs e.g. COVID 19 signage, signs and posters and social distance signs etc. Follow few more steps to get back to work.

Interact with customers through messages:

While people open your website, through pop-ups try to interact with them. Make prominent COVID 19 related information on your website. Use FAQ content on your page so that people can learn about the product.

Google My Business:

Update your Google My Business account for the latest updates. Need to cut down the working hours of your workers. Well online business can be handled from home too.

Usage of social media:

There must be interaction between customer and consumer because it will help and support the consumer. Social media is playing an important role in online businesses. Update consumers through emails about the safety measures. Instagram is best and powerful platform for local business.

Don’t miss your track:

Today’s dilemma of taking risk of a new strategy is difficult because your competitors are also in the same situation. You need to run campaigns for future track purpose. To get higher rank of your site collect niche content for your business and make offers. Then share these offers on different platforms.

Maintain a copyright of your business:

During this pandemic, you might change the offers or may discount on the products but copyright must remain the same.

Make attractive banners:

In this pandemic, make catchy offers e.g. “call now”, “ grab on “ , “book now”, and “don’t miss the chance”. Make your work prominent and use attractive articles to get the attention.

Hopefully you are going to learn a lot from this informative article on small and large businesses. Try to follow these tips and tricks to get the attention of the consumer. Let it resonate your local business in public during this pandemic. By getting attractive articles and friendly, safe environment people are going to order from your website.

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