Bill Gates and Elon Musk with the 5G Conspiracy

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It’s been almost 7 months of mysterious coronavirus the COVID-19, we see daily news about it everywhere. The COVID-19 overtook social media and the internet worldwide. People are also curious about this pandemic, few think it’s a natural disaster started from china, others say it’s a coincidence.
But most of the people say it was made and spread intestinally by the United States and China to create a new economic world and control the population of the world. Few think it is a plan made by some scientist to heal nature. Other claims that it is just a fever but media is soaring the news to a high level for commercial purposes and they all are working on some agenda.
Till now, no one is taking the responsibility of this pandemic, nobody is willing to talk about it and declare to COVID-19 end. Until today we heard a lot of statements but no real measures were made.
People have many questions in their minds and they are wondering about pandemics i.e. that are responsible for COVID-19? Who is spreading the fear of this pandemic through the news? When will this pandemic end? Can we able to get a vaccine or medicine of COVID-19?
Where is WHO after all this blame and claims?
Can a normal soap kill a virus by washing hands for only 40 sec?
No one is able to answers these all questions, nobody is satisfied by the answers by WHO on few claims; with all this, our minds are open up for conspiracies and believing any news about the pandemic.
Pandemic adaption

In the daily COVID-19 news we noticed that most of the countries declared LOCKDOWN for few busy hours and some declared complete lockdown with some exceptions by their corresponding officials. All markets were shuts during the peak of pandemic except fruit shops, food shops and restaurants without sitting. People could still buy online from shopping stores with home delivery. Few business uplift drastically but many business shuts temporarily or permanently due to bad economic conditions.
Only doctors and people working in healthcare, public servants like police, military and shipping agents are free to move with all protection i.e. protective suit, gloves, mask and shield.
But after few months of strict lockdown one day we got to know that curfew is being lifted and you are free to move but with strict SOPs/ policies. Number of patient recovery is increasing and death ratio is maintaining a linear and smooth grow.



The infected people was increasing dramatically all over the world but now number of recovering is growing more than spreading infection in some countries as china claims that their country recovered fully from COVID-19 and now they are corona free but we got to know about few cases from time to time.
Covid-19 Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy theory around bill gates and Elon Musk is a hot topic during pandemic peak days on internet like social media and news forum. It happens because of their statement and milestone of their projects and evolution in their business.
The British author, David Icke, in a program TELEVISION series, that Covid-19 was actually ready handful of years earlier due to the Freemasons action to regulate the planet utilizing innovation.
The individual soldiers to become utilized is actually made up of simply handful of individuals, which are actually Bill Gates, Ex-Microsoft’s CEO as well as proprietor of Gates Foundation, and also Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla as well as various other business. Each large providers are actually functioning in innovation disturbance as well as they are actually constantly introducing the future of innovation.

Through complying with the most recent everyday Covid-19 magazines, our experts have actually viewed that might nations announced time limits for sure everyday opportunities as well as others announced total time limits along with minimal as well as accepted exemptions through their matching authorities.
To avoid full economic condition closure, individuals can still purchase online coming from dining establishments and also purchasing retail stores and also purchase shipment to their areas. Couple of services elevated drastically as well as others finalized momentarily or even entirely.

Right now, just how perform our team associate this to the fact?

Right here is actually a pep talk for Bill Gates in January 22, 2017 regarding the nations preparedness as well as prep work to such widespread:
There are actually various video clips additionally associated with a prospective widespread coming from globe well-known innovators and also highly recommending activity think about prep work for nation innovators however no person reacted.
Numerous flicks, TELEVISION collection and also publications presented up lately chatting concerning precisely the very same effects of infection as well as some of all of them named the infection Corona early in 1990s.

Should we believe this conspiracy theory? It is actually up to you my dear viewers.

The 2nd portion of the truth is actually that Elon Musk was actually operating considering that number of years on the SpaceX task to introduce a number of tools to the area if you want to promote 5G array and also receive much higher world wide web velocity as well as additional GPS precision and also a ton of various other modern technology improvements.

The Covid-19 pandemic was actually an all-natural reaction coming from the Freemasons activity to the unawareness of nation innovators to respond to the precautions, although that was actually lengthy opportunity ago just before 2020.

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