Stock Market Situation after Coronavirus Vaccine news!

Stock Market Situation after Coronavirus Vaccine news!
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Stocks market has lost momentum, and a coronavirus vaccine may still not be beneficial to the stock market.

The world is waiting eagerly for a safe and effective vaccine for the Coronavirus as the news of a  vaccine will be good for the economy.

 Dow Jones Industrial Average,  ETF DIA.-0.75‰, tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.68%.

 The stock market has been detached from the economy the question on investors’ minds is how the Stock Market will react to the new vaccine over some time and not immediately with a chart this can be examined. Please click HERE.

Stock Market Situation after Coronavirus Vaccine news!


Key points to note

  • Industrial Average reversal is shown on the top pane of the chart. The Dow continues to levitate since the reversal as shown on the top pane.
  • Tesla TSLA,-6.34% stock is shown on the second pane of the chart, and it is important to watch Tesla during these days of Corona because it is an ideal indicator of speculative sentiment. The chart shows Tesla has lost momentum since the reversal day, as shown on the scale on the right side of the chart. Tesla stock reached a massive high of $1,794.99 but has since moved down to $1,550.30  aptly shown in the red background on the scale.
  • AMZN,+0.74% Shows Amazon on the third pane of the chart, and it shows Amazon has benefited from the Coronavirus lockdown as its stock has moved since the reversal day from $3,344.29 to $2,991.12 this is a good move, and just like Tesla it has shown a loss in momentum
  • NFLX,+0.60% Stock is shown on the fourth pane, and it is clear Netflix has been the beneficiary of people staying at home and since reversal Netflix stock has moved down from $575.37 to $490.89. This big move shows a loss in momentum
  • Crowds favorite stocks just like Amazon, Netflix, Tesla since the reversal date loss in momentum is exhibited in their stocks(momo) such as Fastly FSLY, -1.56%, Zoom Video ZM, -1.96%, Peloton PTON, -0.78%and DocuSign DOCU, -3.79%.
  • Apple AAPL, -0.24%and Microsoft MSFT, -0.61%  are showing loss of momentum to a lesser degree. They are popular tech stocks. Alphabet GOOG, -0.25% GOOGL, -0.56% and Facebook FB, -0.81% have been resilient to momentum loss.
  • Pane five shows Moderna MRNA, -2.81%and pane six shows AstraZeneca AZN, +1.14%. These are coronavirus vaccine stocks. They have gained momentum during the same period, as shown on the chart.
  • Not shown on the chart are vaccine stocks Pfizer PFE, -1.95%BioNTech BNTX, -4.90%, Novavax NVAX, -4.05%, and Inovio Pharmaceuticals INO, -10.86%These stocks have also gained momentum.

Stock Market Situation after Coronavirus Vaccine news!


Popular stocks are stretched to the upside, and with the news of a vaccine, these stocks might lose momentum and fall for some time. The money will flow into futures and ETFs hence boosting Stocks, so do not let the initial reaction fool you, and one should be cautious before buying stock during and after this corona pandemic.

Let us know If you have any questions or suggestions about stock market after covid-19. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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