Did coronavirus affect the uk telecom industry?

Telecom Industry UK
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Every industry of every country has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. From production line to suppliers everything has had adverse affect of Covid 19. In the mids of this outbreak, it is imperative that we keep an eye on UK telecom industry and can plan on getting back on track after this outbreak is gone. Only then we as a United Kingdom will be able to stand on our feet.

How people behave during Coronavirus?

The more important thing to analyse here is how people have responded to this outbreak? have they started using more mobile networks and services? Yes, they certainly have. All the meetings or the conferences are happening online these days, which has increased the use of the telecom services around the globe. For example, IEEE these days is only doing online conferences.

How telecom industry has evolved during coronavirus?

Telecom service providers has tried to ensure the safety of their staff by providing all the services over internet. Some vendors don’t open their call centres. Instead they started providing customer service via online chat or email. Similarly, all the credit uploading or package change service has also been transferred online only. Also, the vendors have started giving out cheaper contracts in the spirit of helping people during this crisis.

Has telecom industry gone into loss due to coronavirus?

It certainly did not. People were forced to stay home in lockdown. Therefore, being a human they needed to stay in touch with their friends and families, to stay alive, healthy and sane. To make sure that everyone can connect with their loved ones, they turned towards mobile services, which has increased the telecom companies profits to the sky high. Therefore, we are certain the during this crisis, UK telecom industry is safe and did not suffer loses.

Will telecom industry survive after the Covid-19 breakout?

Yes, it will. Since all the employees started going back to work, they have stopped using mobile services for online meeting and conferences, This means that people are going back to old ways slowly. Therefore, the profit of telecom industry may go down as compared to during Covid-19 but still it will be stable to ensure that telecom vendors and service providers will not end up with losses.

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