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Why do small businesses need to invest in Digital Marketing Now?

Why do small businesses need to invest in Digital Marketing Now?
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Al around the world people are stuck in home due to Covid-19 lockdowns, still life goes on and so does life necessities. So what should a person do if he wants to buy a saucepan for his kitchen during this Covid -19? Does he go out to the market and explore? No he does n0t. He will search online for he best and affordable saucepan as no one should spend more than they need. So you own a small grocery shop with some kitchen utensils and cookware as well. your business was going well until this Covid-19 started. Now your shop is closed. You asked the government to give you grant. They did so that you can deal with your loses and pay the rent of your shop as well. But you still need income to stay afloat. So what you should do? You should get a responsive and e-commerce website for your local grocery store.

How much will a website cost?

A website will only cost you £100 per year for domain and hosting. To bring it up on google and other search engines or in other words to do SEO of your website it will cost you not more than a 1 full time employed person in your grocery shop.

How will a website get you income during Covid-19?

It is a good idea in Covid-19 to get a website for your local grocery store. This way, people will get the groceries they need and you will get your regular income. Instead of opening a shop, all you have to do is every morning pack the deliveries and deliver them to people your self in a car (at a safe distance).

How to market your business?

You can use google ads, facebook ads and other social media advertising services to market your business and delivery service as well.

Will people buy from you?

People now a days prefer to get their groceries without leaving their home just to avoid cover-19. So when you tell them that you are ready to deliver their necessary groceries and kitchen equipment to their door. They will definitely prefer you as compared to the Big Brands because:

Big Brands like Tesco and Sainsbury etc don’t have too many slots, when they release slots they are gone quickly. So there is still lot of people who want groceries delivered but they can’t get the slots. Therefore, people from your local community who usually can’t get slots will prefer your consistent and quick delivery of groceries and other kitchen equipments.

Finally, let me remind you, that by launching this business venture people will remember you and your shop and chances are that when this Covid crisis is over, they will come to your shop and buy groceries. But for this to happen you have to invest time and resources in developing friendly relations with your customers now.

There are various companies who can develop your E-c0mmerce website and maintain it as well. But there is one company in London that we can vouch for and that is Rising Tech Dev. They develop easy to use e-commerce websites where even a layman can upload products and print orders from. They also do payment APIs and social media integrations for free. There usual price is £3500 for E-commerce website development with 50 products uploads. But since we are friends with the owner, so they have given us a secret coupon for our special readers. Whoever will email them and place an order with a coupon code: RTD2000OFF   they will get their E-commerce website in £1500 only. And we all know that the full time employee in london cost is from £1800+. See getting a website is cheaper than your full time employee.

HURRY Before the Offer Ends!

This offer is only valid until 30-09-2020. Call them now at 07447115332. Email them:

Let us know If you have any questions or suggestions about creating a website. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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