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Tips for gym owners to save their Business in Lockdown

Tips for gym owners to save their Business in Lockdown
Tips for gym owners to save their Business in Lockdown
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Due to Coronavirus, we all are under lockdown around the globe. It does not matter if you live in a developed country or a developing country, you all are facing the consequences of lockdown and are stuck at home. Gym companies like Pure Gym etc might be able to manage the income and hold on to their clients but small gyms are facing income loss everyday. Apart from gym owners, people who are used to exercise daily in gym are also facing huge difficulty in maintaining their health and weight. To make sure, that people who are stuck at home get their daily dose of exercise and the gym owners get their source of income going. We have come up with an idea for gym owners to publish workouts online. The key is to make sure that you are showing a workout which uses no gym equipment at all. As obviously not everyone has gym equipments at their home in lockdown. Make sure that you are showing everyone on how to do a fat burning and sweat drenching home workout without gym equipment. Think of this as your chance to work from home.

The gym owners can accomplish this by following four ways:

Gym owners can publish Youtube Videos!

First one is the easiest way. All a local gym owner has to do is create a Youtube Creator account, record a workout video and publish it. As the owners usually have a email database of their clients. Therefore, it will be easy for them to send these videos links to them. You can’t get money from this like you used to when your gym was open. But still something is better than nothing. Moreover, the advantage is that your clients would appreciate that you are offering free workouts and want to stay on with you rather than join another gym when this lockdown is over.

 you can Publish workouts via Live Stream!

Another way to earn money is live Stream. You can create a Skype or any other multi video conference platform. Send invites to your clients for live home workout stream with time and date. Then on decided date and time, you can demonstrate a workout routine to your customers. If you want to earn money using this method, then just ask your customers to pay you per session that they attend online.

You can start a Blog!

Creating a blog about workout and fitness routines is also an excellent idea. The gym owners already have a email database where they can send invites for blog subscription. Just let your clients know that from now on you will be posting workouts with detailed images and instruction online. All they have to do is keep paying monthly fees and follow the workouts published on blog.

You can create & publish Mobile Apps!

If you really want to use a fancy method and have enough bucks to spare, then go for this option. There are various app development platforms which charge you monthly fee and you will be able to create your gym app with drag and drop. You can send email invites to your customers to join the app and pay for subscription via credit card. In the app, you can share images and videos of workouts. You can even create a live stream in the app. We suggest that you try apps builder portal to create your mobile app. The packages start from Euros9/month.

Benefits of online workout:

Those who want to stay healthy amid coronavirus lockdown will be able to follow workout instructions from their gym owners and avoid coronavirus spread at the same time. People will also be able to save some money by not paying whole gym fees instead they will pay only for the online sessions which they attend. Since they won’t leave home for exercise so they won’t have to follow strict social distancing rules at all. The most important thing is that everyone who agrees to join online workout will stay active and healthy.

All in all, we hope that these ideas help the local gym owners keep their income and customers.

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