Tips for a DIY Solar Power System

Tips for a DIY Solar Power System
Tips for a DIY Solar Power System
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Fans of sustainable energy would no doubt like to have every available rooftop space in your home covered with solar panels. However, the cost barrier is real since installing solar panels is expensive. If you are new to solar installations, one of the ways to cut costs is to do it yourself. You can start small and grow from there. Besides cutting costs, it will be a great opportunity to acquire some new skills. Here are the things you need to get started:

  • Solar Cells

You can find cheap solar cells on eBay, Amazon, or other online marketplaces. During the search, you will discover that there are numerous types and brands of solar cells. For type, you should opt for polycrystalline cells as they offer the most returns in terms of cost to efficiency.


  • Consider Purchasing a Full Kit

If you are not confident about your ability to purchase the individual components, you can opt to buy a solar kit. A solar kit gives you a great option for entering the sustainable energy world.

  • Take Measurements

Before you install the solar system, ensure that you take the exact measurement of the section where you plan to install the solar system. You want to ensure that you avoid any mistakes that might prove costly to repair once the solar installation process starts.

  • Size the Panels

When building your solar system, you want to ensure that it can provide enough solar power for the purpose it is intended. For instance, if you plan to heat your home using solar power ensure that you get a solar system that can achieve that purpose efficiently. Otherwise, the solar panels will be a waste of money since you will have to increase the capacity later to get any use from them.

  • Get the Layout Right

If you want to get the most from your DIY solar power system, you have to ensure that you get the layout right. The layout includes how you wire the solar panels to each other and how they deliver power to the home.

As part of the layout, ensure that you drill all the holes in the right places for the wiring. Otherwise, the who process might be a nightmare as you attempt to drill holes in places there should not be any holes. Plan out all the cables and connectors you will need to get your DIY solar power system working.

  • Test the Work

Before you install the DIY solar power system on the roof, test if it works. Measures how much power electricity it is generating and check for any defects while it is still on the ground. Trying to fix anything once it is installed on the roof will cost more money.


With these few tips, installing a DIY solar power system should be quite easy. To make things easier, ensure that you have professionally prepared manual with you at all times during the installation. Numerous such manuals can be found online.


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