How to Pick the Right Solar Power Bank

How to Pick the Right Solar Power Bank
How to Pick the Right Solar Power Bank
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If you love camping outdoors, one of the most disappointing aspects will be that you are always running out of power. Today, phones are more than just a way to keep in touch with others. In most cases, they help to keep you connected to your work and your career. It is thus important that you have an easy way to keep your phone powered. That is where the use of solar power plays an important role. By picking the solar power bank, it ensures that your phone never runs out of charge even when you are far from the grid.

Today, solar power chargers are easily portable and you can carry them with you to any location. If you plan to buy a solar power bank, you need to consider some things. Here are the top qualities to pick out in your solar power bank.


Pick How to Carry You Solar Power Bank

When picking your solar power bank, it can come as a handheld device or a foldout device. The choice will usually depend on the purpose for which you need the solar power bank.

  • Handheld Device

Handheld solar chargers are quite popular. The devices are light, small, and durable. These devices are usually smaller than modern smartphones and they easily fit in the palm of your hand. They are great for charging devices such as phones, iPads, and other USB-connected devices.

  • Fold Out Device

The foldout device is built for use in a vehicle. With the help of suction cups, you can attach them to your car’s dashboard. They can be used to charge the car’s battery when they are not being used. The devices are a great option for charging a large number of devices.

  • Choosing the Right Capacity

If you want to pick the best solar power bank, you need to be mindful of the battery’s capacity. When you pick one with more capacity, it usually stores more power and it can charge more devices once it is full. However, ore battery capacity means that the device is physically bigger and it costs more. For optimal pricing, you need to choose a device with a slightly lower capacity.

  • 10,000mAh Device

For most people, 10,000MAh is sufficient for their needs. The device is a great source of power when you are far from the grid. These devices are usually quite easy to carry around without any significant weight increase.

  • 25,000mAh

If you are traveling as a group of two or three, a solar bank with such capacity is a nice option. At maximum capacity, it can keep your device charged for two weeks. If you plan to be out in the wild for an extended period, such a device is a great option.

  • More than 25,000mAh

At over 25,000mAh, these power banks can charge all your phones and any other devices you might have. They can have a power supply for a few weeks. However, the cost will be very high.

  • Waterproof or Not

If you intend to use your power bank outdoors, it is best to pick a waterproof device. The last thing you want is your device failing while you are camping because of some light rain. It will cost extra but the cost will be worth it.


With all the above tips, picking the best solar power bank should be easy. Another consideration will be the brand of your solar power bank. In general, opt for well-established power banks with a good record.

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